ILLENIUM’s new single ‘Take You Down’ OUT NOW!

ILLENIUM's new single 'Take You Down' is out now!


A note from Nick about the song:

Yo Fam,

I've been wanting to share something super personal for a while and just wasn't exactly sure how to do it. I'm at the point now where I've heard countless stories from you. Some of you have said my music changed your life, helped you through depression, addiction, a lost loved one, the list goes on. Honestly, I feel bad because you don't know how much that truly means to me, because I've been there too... In the depths.

Six years ago I overdosed on heroin. I struggled with opiate addiction from a young age. I was trapped in it, had no passion, no direction, and truly hated myself. It was such a dark time for me and my family because when it gets bad enough, hope begins to dim and there's no escaping reality. I'm not telling you to preach or say how I found some magical cure or that everyone needs to live like I do. I'm the biggest advocate for people living their own lives and spreading their own love in their own ways. I'm just sharing my story and relating because music saved my life too. With everything that has been going on with my career, I always keep reminding myself of that. My main goal with music is to try and help people overcome their struggles and also enjoy the moment.

With all that said , 'Take You Down' is about my struggles with addiction and what it can do to families and loved ones. It's more specifically about my mom, and how no matter what, she never gave up on me and always continued to see the good even though all I was doing was fucking up. To anyone struggling like I did, not just with addiction but anything in life, I hope you guys can find peace in your struggles and know that anything can be overcome. I've been clean since that overdose and I owe that to finding my passion and being surrounded by the most loving people I could ever ask for. Thank you for always listening and being open. Thank you for sharing your own stories and your love of music with me. Love you all forever <3